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What's Happenin' [07.21.16]

It's been a year and a half since I've written anything here on my homepage. Time flies!

It's mid-Summer, mid-Conventions, mid-Album cycles... I'm feeling mid-Stuff. It's been a fun first half of a year so far. My two main bands (ALO & Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers) have had some fun small tours with a few more to go. It's been a mellower schedule than usual though, which makes me feel both anxious and relaxed. I'd love to be touring more, but being home in Oakland has been awesome. More time for family and friends, more time to connect with my local scene, more time for spinning records, more time for making life plans.

I've also found myself with more time to engage in the political season, which I would credit majorly to the Bernie Sanders campaign. His to-the-point issue-oriented speeches and debates have been super inspiring and incredible for the imagination. I have really enjoyed day-dreaming of a better country and a better world, one that cares for each other and helps each other, one that puts people and our planet before profits. On the eve of the Democratic Convention (next week!), I couldn't be more excited to see what Bernie brings to the table and if by any wild chance he takes the nomination. It seems seeled-up for Clinton, but crazy things do happen. Exhibit A - Trump.

Besides life at home, politics on the brain, etc... I should mention the music I've put out since I last wrote here. In early 2015, Nick Bluhm & The Gramblers put out Loved Wild Lost, a record we made in Stinson Beach, CA. A personal highlight for me was recording an old 50's Kay bass. I loved the bass so much I picked up a re-issue that I take on tour whenever I can now. And as for ALO, in late 2015 we put out our fifth Brushfire Records album Tangle Of Time, followed this year by a Record Store Day 10-inch vinyl release titled Follow The Yarn and an Amazon Music single called "Summer Dream". So lots of new music in the ALO universe too!

Check out the links below for more to dig into! Till the next entry... Rock on, Steve

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